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About Geotab

Geotab is a global leader in connected transportation solutions, providing telematics — vehicle and asset tracking — solutions to over forty thousand customers in 150 countries. Geotab’s open platform and Marketplace, offers hundreds of third-party solution options. Backed by a team of industry-leading data scientists and AI experts, Geotab is unlocking the power of data to understand real-time and predictive analytics — solving for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s world.

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How does Geotab work?

  • Geotab works normally in the vehicle and is fully independent of the integration hardware — no physical connections.
  • A true seamless integration uses the Rules already set in Geotab to create Exceptions and capture video.
  • GPS data, time stamp, and G-sensor data are still generated by Geotab.
  • This information generates the Exception alert and calls for a 20 second video clip from the integrated cloud storage.
  • The recording hardware connects independently via cellular service to send real-time data and video footage to the fleet. 

Geotab Marketplace

Rosco’s DV6 add-in is now available at the Geotab Marketplace! Our dedicated Geotab support team includes an account manager, a national sales network, add-in software engineers, reseller support specialists, and tech support with a 90% focus on SaaS and IoT!

Our resellers are an extension of Rosco – your business is our business. We understand that one size does not fit all and will work to find the right solutions for you and your customers.

Rosco’s AI-powered DV6 HD recorder is a dual camera continuous video and Exception recorder that seamlessly integrates with any Geotab GO Device. Rosco’s new DV6 captures and processes FHD footage of the driver and the road with local and cloud storage options. It generates in-cab alerts for drivers when risky behaviors are detected, and provides data for fleet managers to help monitor safety trends over time.

Reasons to choose DV6 add-in

1. Rosco’s Driver ID provides fleet managers with an easy way to connect drivers and safety data. Driver ID detection is available with a simple QR code scan (with physical ID card) through the cab-facing camera or through an app available on the Apple Store and Google Play. 

  • Identify the safest drivers, as well as the drivers that need extra training to optimize fleet safety.
  • Run safety reports by Driver to identify your best drivers and those that need more training.
  • Rank Drivers with safety scores based on Events and DMS alerts.
  • Set safety goals for individuals, teams, and even your entire fleet.

2. Rosco works to find the right solution for everyone. Rosco has plans and options available for different circumstances with as low as $0 down.

  • We’re certified by major carriers in the US (T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and First Net powered by AT&T) and Canada (Bell Canada).
  • You can even use your own SIM to help lower your monthly costs!

3. Resellers are an extension of the Rosco family. We co-brand, share  leads, and even demo together. Your business is our business.

4. Our installer App makes installs easy as 1-2-3.

  • We offer a guided install process with an emailed installation report including pictures at completion for proof and quality of install.
  • Calibrate your camera within the app itself.

5. With RoscoLive, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience –  you get the best of both worlds.

  • RoscoLive makes live streaming the new standard, not just a premium feature.
  • Not only do you get access to videos stored on the RoscoLive cloud for up to one year, you can also make custom video requests through MyGeotab.

Protection & Privacy

  • Your data is protected. Rosco’s cloud infrastructure meets all of the modern requires for  file security and data protection. All PII (personally identifiable information) is protected  and never shared. HIPAA sensitive? We got you covered. Rosco caters to all emergency,  health, and safety fleets.
  • Driver’s don’t want to be recorded? That’s okay! Rosco allows users to turn off in-cab  recording while still maintaining DMS features.
  • Our DV6 dash cameras are the most secure on the market, featuring tamper resistant  access to the power harness, memory, and camera lens angles.

Keeping our roads safe for more than 100 years


Vehicles secured


Drivers protected


Miles driven


Download the presentation below and dive into the powerful capabilities and benefits of this partnership, designed to enhance fleet management and safety.

Frequently asked questions

Will my original rules set up in Geotab remain the same?

Yes. When integrating with RoscoLive, the Rules already set in Geotab will be used to create Exceptions and capture video.

Where are my Geotab Exception videos located?

Your Geotab Exception video clips are located in the “Rosco Video” menu. (See below)

Please refer to your user manual or the “RoscoLive+Geotab Implementation Process” document supplied with your fleet registration information.

How are Exception alerts generated?

This Rules you set up in your Geotab account are used for Exceptions. When Rules are triggered, it generates Exception alerts and calls create a 20 second video clip from the integrated cloud storage.​ The recording hardware connects independently via cellular service to send real-time data and video footage to the fleet. 

Where can I find more information about a Rosco/Geotab integration?

For more information about features of our Geotab add-in as well as other RoscoLive products, please visit our knowledgebase.

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