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Last Mile Delivery

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Commercial Vehicle Industry Safety Solutions

Rosco is a leading global supplier of vision safety products to the bus and truck marketplace with over 115 years of engineering and manufacturing experience. Since 1907, Rosco has been headquartered in New York City, keeping our products engineered, designed, and supported in the USA.

Today, Rosco continues to develop technological innovations for safer roads in all commercial markets. From mirrors to AI-powered recording, Rosco products have been created for safety and efficiency for last mile service providers.

Help Drivers Deliver With Confidence

Last mile delivery is a rapidly growing industry. The convenience of online shopping and next day delivery has consumers relying on last mile service providers to fulfill their buying needs.

Equip your drivers with the technology needed to complete their routes safely from start to finish.

Finding the best solution for you

Rosco’s DV6 has the capacity to identify unsafe driving behavior by continuously recording video and providing instant driver feedback when an event occurs.

From artificial intelligence to actual intelligence

The all new DV6 TM. Powered by RoscoLive®


Finally, a dashcam with Actual Intelligence

Rosco’s new DV6 captures and processes FHD footage of the driver and the road with local and cloud storage options. It generates in-cab alerts for drivers when risky behaviors are detected, and provides data for fleet managers to help monitor safety trends over time.


Another kind of AI: actual insights.

Rosco’s algorithms ensure the Dual-Vision camera is perfectly synched across all vehicles. By using Machine Vision, in-cab facial recognition technology links drivers with data — for everyone’s safety.

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Powered by AI technology to detect high risk driving

Phone usage

Phones and smartwatches are everywhere, but using – or even looking at – devices while driving brings dangerous consequences.


Long hours behind the wheel make drivers susceptible to fatigue.

Distracted driving

Distractions inside or outside the cab can lead to poor driver performance and even fatal accidents on the road.

One of the first 10 units that were sent out on a D&J vehicle was involved in a large accident where, at first, it was deemed the D&J driver's fault. Footage of the accident from the DV6 and RoscoLive was used to prove that D&J Ambullete was not at fault.

Joe GallittoGeneral Manager, D&J Ambulette
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